Feb 2018 Local & Long Distance Calls: Relationship Rates May Apply

February 9th, 2018

$0 - $5

Relationships are as dynamic as they are numerous. They are the most vital part of our connection with other people and how we know Christ. The way we communicate is dictated by how we categorize our relationship with a person, be it a spouse, friend, coworker, or family member. This time of the year is often filled with reminders about the intimacy between two people in a romantic context, but what if we broaden that perspective to relationships beyond that? Are we not called to love others as ourselves? Find out how a Christ-centered relationship is bigger than just those in our inner-circle and be challenged by that call.

The Speaker, Nick Petkoff, is a missionary of PBC. His education and ministry focuses on relationship counseling and therapy. He is going to teach about how to create and foster relationships in an expanding and diverse way as well as how to deal with the challenges toward another person when differences get in the way. Come learn how to deepen a relationship that may be stagnate and how to create new ones. Finally, see how your relationship with Christ compels you further with a chance to be a part of that through international partnership. Much of what you will see and hear is built up of sources from the Successful Relationship series by New Thing Network and Community Christian Church, Dating and Singleness by John Piper, and You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan.